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There are many places on the web and in the world where you’ll find amazing people and amazing groups doing amzing things for Indie culture. But in keeping with our commitment to the “This is Not a Directory” approach, these are the fellow travellers who, whilst not purveyors of their own free content, do amazing things for Indie culture, and have expressly supported the Free-e-day Festival

The Indie Handbook, the guide to America’s finest Indie music. They don’t care if it’s obscure, or massive. They care if it’s good.

Indie North, a Canadian collective of the most talented craftspeople you’ll ever meet

The Squid Ink Collective, an Indie collective devoted to making the finest, funniest, funkiest T-shirts around

Publetariat is a site devoted to providing a wealth of practical resources for independent authors.

Fringe, a magazine with a manifesto. Devoted to quality writing the mainstream just can’t handle

This is Offset, an ezine that looks at the punker side of music

Outliered, a music ezine for people who lie at the edges of the mainstream bell curve

Discounderworld indie culture and music ezine

Bookbuzzr is the indispensible free widget that allows you to embed your book in your website, and the sister book repository, Freado, provides a one-stop place to browse for free through the books using it.

E-Fiction Book club is a fantastic site that seeks out and reviews the very best free fiction on the web

Online Novels is a great site listing fiction on the web, including a lot of free fiction

Web Fiction Guide is a great place listing free online fiction

Stack Magazines, a fantastic new subscription way to try a range of Indie magazines. A labour of love from a company dedicated to sharing the Indie way.

Y Not Festivals are the Indie-est, most “pure” festivals in the UK, devoted to finding and showcasing fresh music

E-novella is a website that offers writers a place to showcase their work for free.

Written by danholloway

July 20, 2009 at 9:02 pm

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