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Free-e-day 2009/Free-e-day 2010

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Free-e-day logo courtesy Lawrence Thomas

So I’ll try to make this a brief and business-like post 🙂 Basically, I want to do three things:

– say a huge huge thank you to everyone who took part. That is THE most important thing of all. I won’t mention people by name becase that would be unfair – everone concerned can be found on this website, and I am beyond grateful to every one of the around 100 people who dircetly contributed their work and/or their time to give their creativity away, to offer their advice on the web workshops, to host webchats, to blog about the event, and to give their time to perform live.

– give a brief run down of what we achieved.

– talk about Free-e-day 2010

What did Free-e-day 2009 accomplish?

I’m not going to ramble at length. The wonderful Moxie Mezcal has already allowed me to do that on his website – do go and check it out HERE.

It’s impossible to quantify success in the first year of an event like this. For me success would be if someone at all showed up. What we got went way beyond that. I want to give some figures (because I believe in transparency, and I want people to know what they’re getting into if they decide to come along next year) and I want to talk more generally.

Figures – over the 48 hour period of Free-e-day we had 3725 hits to the website. The individual click-throughs are probably subject to data protection but I’ll share theirs with anyone who wants to know – what I can say is that 300 people accessed the bookbuzzr or the pdf of the brochure from the site, the highest click-through rate to an individual contributor’s site was 65, and around 20 people had 10 or more click-throughs. In addition, of course, are the click-throughs from twitter and direct from the brochure. The bookbuzzr of the brochure also reached the Bookbuzzr Top 10 charts. At the live event, I did a brief head count before my reading and counted around 100 people.

The webchats attracted a great crowd – you can count the comments on each, but the most important thing is the depth and breadth of information imparted.

Those are by no means huge figures, but they’re by no means nothing, and that, combined with the number of people using the #freeeday hashtag on twitter, and e-mailing me about the event, means that I go into Free-e-day 2010 full of confidence for an event that could see at least 10 times the amount of traffic.

The Free-e-day Website from now – 1 Dec 2010

This website will remain active. I will use the fantastic webchats as the basis of an Indie Toolbox comprising two parts – a set of resources, and a brainstorming section.

The front page blog will also remain active. I want to update it two or three times a week with fantastic new indie talent that I’ve stumble across that week, and I’mpledging to devote an hour a week just to looking for new talent across the web. Anyone with suggestions for great sites, or who wants me to look at theirs, leave a comment or e-mail me ( and I’ll try and list everything I’m recommended at least once a week, but I’ll give pride of place to one or two things that are fantastic.

Free-e-day 2010

December 1st 2010 will be Free-e-day 2. There will be much the same as this year only more. You will see at the top of this post that one of this year’s participants, Lawrence Thomas, author of The Nude, has wizzed up our logo. I want to create a section for listing live events, after a number of e-mails I’ve received already asking about running tie-in events. I’ll create as much promo material as I can for anyone running a tie-in live event.

Most of all, anyone who wants to contribute in 2010, just comment or e-mail me.

The commemorative brochure for 2009 will be out, I hope, in time for Christmas. A press pack based on it and this year’s stats and coverage will be available so we can build publicity for next year. And please keep sending people over to the Facebook group.

Once again, thank you, and I’ll be in touch with all contributors very soon with the souvenir brochure to keep forever and send out to everyone you know.


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December 6, 2009 at 3:49 pm

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  1. I only heard about the event this year from the tweets of some involved, so came to the party unfashionably late. Still, I downloaded some amazing work I’m reading through now. Please add me to the mailing list for next year, and I’ll be working on content to offer for free-e-day 2.

    Steven Gaskin

    December 6, 2009 at 5:07 pm

  2. It would be an honour to have you involved


    December 6, 2009 at 5:47 pm

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